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Our Services

Currency Exchange

We are able to change foreign currency, be it large or small amount. Whether it's cash, cheque, internet transfer or direct debit. We do it all.

Remittance Service

We serve both the corporate and private individual with our remittance services, whether you are remitting foreign currency into a Singapore bank account or overseas, we are able to help. We do all major bank currencies, as well as regional currencies. We offer fast, efficient and effective fund transfer and payment facilities. To allow you to carry out your business or your life worry-free.

FX Forwards & Hedging

We are able to hedge your remittance against fluctuating currency markets through the use of our forwards facility. You can buy a forward with us before you actually need to remit the money onwards to your supplier or personal contact. Protect your profit or investment from risk.

Agency Network

Via Agency Network

Experience a swift and seamless payment environment with access to an entire chain of professional remittance companies when you choose CYS Global Remit.

Our global agency network covers major cities in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore. By combining our resources to function in an integrated way, you no longer have to pay for multiple agents across multiple locations as we will settle everything on your behalf. Regardless of how complex your payments – involving multi-currencies and multi-account locations – our remittance network has it covered.


Currencies Available and Service Fee:

Currency Type Payment Size Charges Per Payment
Yuan Renminbi
 Below CNY 100,000
Above CNY 100,000
SGD 15 
No Charges
Hong Kong Dollar
 Below HKD 300,000
Above HKD 300,000
SGD 15 
No Charges
Indonesian Rupiah
 Below IDR 100 MIL
Above IDR 100 MIL
SGD 8  
No Charges
Malaysian Ringgit
 Below MYR 30,000
Above MYR 30,000
SGD 8  
No Charges
Thai Baht
 Below THB 250,000
Above THB 250,000
SGD 8  
No Charges
Taiwan Dollar
 Below TWD 200,000
Above TWD 200,000
SGD 20 
No Charges