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CYS FinTech Summit 2023 - Part 2

Contributed by Alicia Tan, Talent Acquisition & Management Executive

Part 2 of our FinTech Summit 2023 was actually a CYS family bonding event that falls right under the category of Singapore's most favourite activity - 'makan'! So following the insightful discussions at the Summit, our CYS FinTech Summit attendees gathered once again for a blend of relaxation, reconnection, and an opportunity to strengthen the CYS family bond through a sumptuous lunch at the American Club Union Bar.

The Union Bar in American Club serves a tantalizing spread of Western delights. From gourmet sandwiches and juicy burgers to crispy fries and a range of comforting soups, every dish is a burst of flavour. Fresh salads add a touch of health, while an array of desserts like creamy cakes perfectly round off the feast.

It is a vivid reminder that at CYS, we believe innovation doesn't just come from cutting-edge technology but also from the strength of our relationships. These informal moments, where we share, laugh and dine together, fuel our collective vision.

But what truly made the FinTech Summit lunch special was the camaraderie in the air. Away from the formalities of email threads and scheduled meetings, our CYS colleagues delved deeper into conversations, finding common interests, and building bridges of understanding.

As we wrapped up the delightful afternoon, it was evident that our CYS people didn’t just leave with a full stomach but also with a heart brimming with gratitude and a renewed sense of purpose. The CYS FinTech Summit 2023 Part 2 was a testament to the spirit of collaboration and togetherness that defines CYS. Additional photos:

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