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Our Training Programs

CYS has more than 40 different job roles spread among 11 business units in 4 function groups. It provides learning opportunities to fresh graduates or early career professionals to gain insight into the financial service industry with a touch of financial technology (FinTech). Likewise, it gives a widespread of job positions for the accomplished professionals and active seniors looking to re-enter the workforce.

Most of the training programs are conducted in-house by experienced trainers, tightly followed by short but concise on-the-job training (OJT) sessions to achieve competencies and skills needed within a short span of time. All OJTs are monitored by our experienced managers who are trained as advisors and guides to the employees. While the learning curves are steep at times, the challenges attract candidates who are competitive and achievers, saving time for all parties and get things done straight to the point.

CYS has successfully trained many young professionals who are able to embark on higher skills level jobs under a very short time, enabling them to hold important positions and make decisions on behalf of the company. CYS has a pool of very young managers helping the company to steer ahead and lead the way in the industry.

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