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Our Culture and Values

CYS is a forward-looking company and prides itself of having a big pool of striving young adults interacting with experienced professionals to form a service community based on inclusion, innovation, and inspiration. Our aim is to provide knowledge-based services in the Asia Pacific region by becoming a community of interacting professional service providers on a borderless online environment.

CYS thrives on stability and reliability as its core values with clear metrics and defined processes put in place to meet its objectives, providing its employees a sense of security and stable working conditions. Driven by meritocracy, CYS focuses on results and achieving targets, but at the same time, encourages everyone to be innovative and creative, cultivating a competitive atmosphere that encourages all workers to work hard and reach company goals.

CYS is also a fast-paced company where things happen quickly and continuously. At times the work environment can feel exhausting, but it is also an exciting workplace to be in. And while we work hard, we play hard, and we dine in class. CYS is proud to have its own in-house café that caters breakfasts and lunches to our employees with choices of delicious and healthy Keto or meat-free food items to choose from, it is a great place to mingle with colleagues while enjoying a good meal.

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