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Our Community Development

in CYS, we want to build a workplace that is fun, happy, and full of laughter for our employees, and we want them to have energy, enthusiasm, and passion to fulfil their job roles and responsibilities.

We take good care of our employees, provide for them, train them, and guide them during their employment with us. We provide free breakfasts, lunches, afternoon tea breaks and a confectionary counter that is full of snacks, titbits, bottled water, coffee, tea, and flavored drinks.

We meet every day in the morning for a short briefing on what’s happening in the company and to provide reminders on job guidelines, work observation, standards, and expectations. And to promote a community-style of workplace, we go the extra mile to organize group events frequently, both indoor and outdoor, just to bring cohesion among our employees to share our common values and culture. We want every of our employees to find their journey with CYS a fulfilling, satisfying and a rewarding one.

Today, CYS has a headcount of more than 50 people with different demographics and diverse background, a probity program to ensure ethically sourced and fit and proper workforce, and a conducive workplace with positive culture.

“When I took over the running of CYS back in the 80s, my initial driving ambition was to make CYS a profitable company, a factor which I measured success. But as I built CYS, I quickly realized success is not just about money but integrity, sustainability, and compassion. Since then, my value propositions to my customers and colleagues are reliability, stability, and love, which eventually led to CYS enduring success over the past three decades. I respect my job; I enjoy my company, and I count my blessings.”

Ann S. K. Wee

CEO and Deputy Managing Director

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