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WEEKLY NEWS | 27 FEBRUARY 2023 | 187


CYS Lunch Visit is our latest Office Branding campaign.  Any CYS employee can bring up to 2 guests to the office for lunch, free of charge of course.  This could be customers, friends, family members, or ex-colleagues from another company. The objectives are to promote CYS as a community with our culture and values;  share our in-house café food and facilities with our community 

Feature News
CYS Lunch Visit

 Visitors are invited to enjoy our daily lunch buffet, hot beverages or cold drinks, snacks, and confectionaries.  Office tour is available......

Economy News
Economic forecasts are getting revised up, and people aren't thrilled about it

Stocks inched lower, with the S&P 500 declining 0.3% last week. The index is now up 6.2% year to date, up 14% from its October 12 closing low of 3,577.03, and down 15% from its January 3, 2022 closing high of 4,796.56.

      “The bear market is over, but it is not the great reflation,“ Chris Harvey, head of equity strategy at Wells Fargo Securities, wrote on Monday. “We see neither a bull nor a bear market, just a market.“

      Calling it a “‘just-a-market’ market,” Harvey said he expected “some giveback, but not a sharp-near-term reversal.”

      Indeed, we are hearing less from those who had previously forecast a big sell-off in the stock market in the early part of the year.

      And while Harvey’s characterization of the stock market is a bit ambiguous, it isn’t paradoxical in the...... 

Money News
Asian markets mostly fall with rates set to go higher

HONG KONG: Asian markets swung lower Tuesday, with traders trying to gauge the outlook for the US economy as they price in more interest rate hikes than previously predicted.

       With Wall Street closed Monday for Presidents’ Day there were few 

catalysts for regional investors, with focus on the release later in the week of minutes from the Federal Reserve’s most recent policy meeting.

       After data this month  ......

SEC custody rule change threatens crypto firms

Compliance News

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is proposing a modification to the custody rule for investment advisors holding client assets that would reduce choices for advisors managing cryptocurrencies.

      The rule expands the requirements to all client assets, rather than just securities and funds. This would require all adviser-held assets to sit......

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