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WEEKLY NEWS | 23 JANUARY 2023 | 182


Every business contends with shifting market conditions, resource management challenges, and identifying which activities offer the highest payoff, but these each have varied levels of impact. So, what makes the difference?

Feature News
Capitalizing on Every Opportunity: Windjammer™

The answer lies in the ability to capitalize on profit from all opportunities, not just those that are readily accessible. This is what sets world-class companies apart. In Eagles Flight’s engaging experiential learning program......

Economy News
London outperforms UK economy again in sign capital could swerve recession

London is outperforming the nationwide economy, indicating the capital is on course to avoid what experts think will be a long recession in the UK, a new survey out today shows.

       An index of business output in London compiled by NatWest jumped to 50.2 last month, up from 48.2, meaning the capital’s economy is growing.

               At a UK level, activity contracted for the fifth month in a row, with the same index in December dropping below the 50 point threshold that separates growth and contraction.

             The figures offer further evidence illustrating the capital’s economy is resisting roaring inflation and higher interest rates better than the rest of the country......

Money News
INDIA RUPEE Rupee edges lower towards 82/USD as Asian currencies drop

MUMBAI, Jan 17 (Reuters) - The Indian rupee weakened on Tuesday, slipping back towards the 82 per dollar mark, as the greenback broadly rebounded and Asian currencies weakened.

      The rupee was trading at 81.84 per dollar by 9:37 a.m. IST, compared to its vvv

previous close of 81.6125.

   The currency saw its worst session in a month on Monday, when traders cited heavy dollar buying by state-run banks and stop-losses......

Top EU law- makers greenlight anti-corruption reform plans

Compliance News

BRUSSELS - Senior European Union lawmakers agreed Thursday to press ahead with a major overhaul of the rules governing access to the European Parliament and the way it deals with lobbyists in response to a massive corruption scandal, the assembly’s president said.

      Parliament President Roberta Metsola’s plans would prevent former ......

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