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376,318 Accounts Remitted

$42.860 Billion Transacted Volume

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Accounts Remitted


accounts remitted


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Billion Transacted Volume


Billion Transacted Volume


transacted volume

Welcome to CYS Global Remit

We are a leading Singapore major payment institution specializing in cross-border payments in the Asia Pacific region. Our main focus is to serve the SME communities as well as other payment service providers in major APAC cities. Our Brand started in 1981 and we have been continuously providing FX liquidity in North and South Asia corridors for most Asian exotic currencies, including CNY, with cross-border payment and domestic transfer facilities to our customers

Career @ CYS

We Work Hard & We Play Hard

Remit Rewards

Become a Remit Rewards member and start earning points every time you remit with CYS Global Remit. Accumulate the points to redeem exciting rewards from our online merchandisers.

We will be opening our Merchandise Store soon!

Coming Soon
Find out more on what CYS Global Remit can do for you or your business by clicking on the header tab that best suits your profile. Or contact us through any of the following channels:
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