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earn and learn

"Giving You Access to IBF & CMFAS Learning Curriculum"

"Preparing You to Face The Real World Challenge"

Take on important real-life job responsibilities right from the start of the Program and resolve real-time business situations along the way. Your job performance will contribute to your success. Achieve this as you build up a wide range of core competencies and technical skills through an accelerated and robust curriculum. Our Program comprises structured centralized training on cross-border payment (banking) and the FinTech business part of CYS Global Remit.


Undergo job roles that cover areas such as customer engagement, foreign exchange operation, nostro and vostro account reconciliation, currency settlement, AML controls and practices plus many more. Also undertake strategic corporate projects where you will join special assignment teams and learn how to develop, recommend, and execute company-wide initiatives, drive changes and advance the company’s growth in the region.

Start earning up to S$3,500 a month right from the beginning of our first year Program once you are qualified. The second year Program can earn up to S$3,800 per month right after you completed the first year.  Enjoy other benefits such as paid leaves, medical care, free snacks, in-house free breakfast, and lunch (yes, it’s true!).  And you only work from 9 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday.

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