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CYS Global Remit

We are a leading Singapore major payment institution specializing in cross-border payment in the Asia Pacific region. Our main focus is to serve the SME communities as well as other payment service providers in major APAC cities. Our Brand started in 1981 and we have been continuously providing FX liquidity in North and South Asia corridors for most Asian exotic currencies, including CNY, with cross-border payment and domestic transfer facilities to our customers.

Licensed By MAS

CYS is a major Payment Institution licensed by MAS to provide services in cross-border money transfer, domestic money transfer, account issuance, e-money issuance and money-changing. Our focus is to provide FX liquidity and payment services to SMEs, Fls and Large Corps, that is our dedication to our customers.

More Established

CYS has many specialized teams to help your business grow and run faster. Talk to our sales representative and find out more in our Treasury Operations, Cash Management Services, Strategic Business Development as well as our latest FinTech offerings. You may never know what you would have missed!

Payment With Technology

We utilize technology to make our payments fast, streamlined and seamless with most payments delivered within hours. Our vision is to create a community of interacting business service providers on an online environment based on 3 principles of inclusion, innovation and inspiration. Be part of our community, join us today.


We started our money service business in Singapore in 1981 and created the brand CYS out of the initials of our senior founder. CYS is a home-grown company dedicated to serving our local business communities right from the start. Our focus is to provide FX liquidity and cross-border payment services to SMEs as well as other money service operators within our region. Our strength lies with our strategic alliance with banks and payment agents along the Asia Pacific rim.

Today CYS is a major payment institution specialises in exotic crosses with Asian currencies, including CNY. Every year our treasury team handles more than 2.2 billion USD worth of contracts given to us by our customers, payment service providers, banks and covering agents with more than half of that amount in cross-border payments to major cities in Asia Pacific, including China.

Ann S. K. Wee

CEO and Deputy Managing Director

Personal Payment

Whether you are an audacious financial investor, striving business entrepreneur, serious art collector, or just caring parent who want to send money to your children studying overseas, CYS Global Remit will always have a solution for you. We can accept payments from most Asian Pacific countries and send them to any major cities in the world. From just a phone call away or simply logon to one of our web applications, sending money overseas cannot be easier.

Overseas Studies

Sending UK Pounds, Canadian, Aussie, Kiwi or US Dollars to your children studying overseas at a click of a button is nothing new nowadays, but have you actually looked at the total costs?  Download our ET-PLUS App now and start comparing our prices especially our transaction charges, it may surprise you.  Plus, our App can send money to more than 10 countries too, how convenient could that be?  Talk to our local representatives if you need help, what’s more comforting than speaking to a real person in our local language when it comes to money matters?  We have been helping our local communities and many worrying parents since 1981.  Go ahead and try our ET-PLUS now, it’s free.

Download ET-Plus

Overseas Investments

You have a keen sense in investing in overseas markets and you love doing cross-border trades too.  All you need now is a good payment partner that can take care of your foreign currency payments at the comfort of your home or work place, anytime of the day.  Logon to and find out more on your foreign currency needs there.  We have been taking care of our investment clients since 1981, helping many of them profitable in their foreign currency investments.  Talk to our sales representative now to structure your payment requirements.


You need a bank to help you with your business finance but you may be better off using a straightforward payment company for your overseas business payments.  We have been helping our local business communities since 1981 with their foreign currency payments and exchanges, complementing your bank in making your business a great success.  Login to and find out more on your foreign currency needs there.  It is comforting to know that not only we can send funds to most cities worldwide, we can also help you to receive money from more than 10 countries simply because we all these foreign currency accounts.  Find out how competitive our exchange rates are, as well as the low transaction costs.  Talk to our sales representative now to structure your payment requirements. 

Fls / Large Corps

CYS core strength rests on its capabilities to handle large size deals and high volume payment processes. With its strategic alliances with payment partners, CYS is capable in taking care of large-sizes FX transactions and payments for our FIs and Large Corp customers.

FX Liquidity

CYS has trading relationship with more than 56 licensed money service operators providing CYS with FX liquidity for exotic Asian currencies such as Indonesia Rupiah, Malaysian Ringgits, Chinese Yuan with the capability of direct domestic transfers of these currencies. CYS also partners FX aggregator M-DAQ Pte Ltd, a Singapore leading Fintech company, for their support in large-size FX liquidity in most G7 currencies.

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Payment Network

Payment Network

Throughout CYS 30-plus year of history, it has traded with more than 20 local and international banks in the past, including ANZ, BoA, BoC, BNI, HSBC, Maybank, CIMB, HL Bank, RNB, SE Banken, Seylan Bank and UOB. Its current Singapore bankers are DBS and OCBC. Since its inception, CYS has been using banks for FX liquidity and SWIFT network for fast and secured payments.

CYS agency network is across the Asia Pacific rim, including countries like Japan, Hong Kong (and to China), Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. Other than high-value payment processes, CYS has contractual relationship with overseas payment service providers for small-value transactions to countries like Cambodia, Vietnam, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and India, providing payment corridors for migrant workers and foreign workers for payroll or remittance purposes.


Structured Products

CYS sales force comprises of corporate team, institution team and strategic alliance team focusing on SMEs, large-size corporations and money service operators respectively. CYS dealing team offers FX booking for 26 currencies for outward remittances and 10 currencies for inward remittances. Cross-currency trade is CYS strongest point in FX product offering especially in exotic crosses with Asian currencies, making CYS a leading hub for cross-currency buying and selling.

SMEs Solution

CYS will always have SMEs in our hearts. As a smaller enterprise, often enough you may not get privileges larger corporations enjoy simply because of their sheer volume, especially when it comes to banking facilities. CYS knows because we remember our humble beginning. Helping our SME communities has always been our beliefs. That is why we channel our efforts to bring high-end payment solutions suited for large size corporations to our SME customers.

When you choose our CYS payment services, you will get to enjoy the following corporate privileges:

Large corporate foreign exchange rate.


Large corporate service charges.


Prebook and post-pay settlement arrangement.


Multiple payments in single FX booking.


Safekeeping of unutilised foreign currencies for future payments.


Your own designated relationship manager.


Partners & Investors

CYS vision is to become a community of interacting professional service providers on a borderless online environment providing knowledge-based services in the Asia Pacific region based on three principles of inclusion, innovation and inspiration. The objective is to build a market place to invite inspiring professional services companies in APAC  region to form a servicing community on a borderless platform offering knowledge-based services through blockchain technology to enable users of different ethnic and social background to access to efficient use of resources, innovative solutions and wide problem-solving capability.

To accomplish the vision, top mission is to connect collaborating payment service providers in APAC to form a payment hub providing FX liquidity and cross-border payment facility to bring the professional service providers and users into the same community, coupled with strategic alliance and the development of blockchain platform for them to share each other expertise and exchanging expert services within the community.

CYS looks forward to working with the following professional service providers in the APAC region:

Accountants / Auditors

Lawyers/Legal Officers

Real Estate Brokers

Financial Planners


Medical Practitioners


Business Consultants

Tech / Data Providers

Investment Advisors

Capital Market Licensee


The scale of developing an ecosystem catering to vast market segments that are spanned across the APAC region requires technical expertise and substantial capital commitment. CYS is looking towards partnering FinTech companies that are technologically advanced and financially strong to help in the construction of the ecosystem.

If you are interested to take part in our project, we will be more than happy to talk to you in person or via Zoom. Contact our FinTech Business Team through the following channels:
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