Reward Types

Why these Rewards?
Welcome This program is only offered to you, our corporate customers, for every remittance you make. Be rewarded in all payments you make that you have to make to your suppliers, it's a bonus for something that must be done. 

Just sign up and you can start earning today. Just click "Sign-Up" and download the form, fill it up and send it back. Start earning today!
What are the tiers?
Get more points as you go up.

Silver Program members enjoy for 100 points for every 10,000 SGD


Gold Program members enjoy 120 points for every 10,000 SGD.


Platinum Program members enjoy 128 points for every 10,000 SGD.

To qualify:


Silver Program: below 200,000 SGD per month


Gold Program: from 200,000 SGD to 850,000 SGD per month


Platinum Program: above 850,000 SGD per month

Why join the CYS RemitRewards Program? Enjoy rewards ranging from chocolate subscriptions to exotic fragrances. Join the fastest growing reward program in Singapore, rewarding you whenever you need to remit. Carefully selected vendors give you a myraid of rewards that will excite your soul and your senses.

We believe that as our customers you deserve the very best enjoyment in our rewards. Rewards that your company or yourself can truly appreciate and remember, rather than cast aside.


We seek to find rewards that are to be shared and enjoyed. Rewards that you and your colleagues or staff can enjoy together.

We admire fine craftsmanship for the attention to detail it entails. We believe in the intricate beauty it brings. The careful sculpting in every aspect. That is why we at CYS Global Remit endeavour towards perfecting the art of remittance. We appreciate that sending money through countries worldwide and at added value for our customers requires an attention to detail like no other. This is why we began the CYS RemitRewards Program to allow your company or yourself to indulge in the finer things in life that are crafted to perfection.